Forbes has named Kaviva as one of the top 25 veteran-founded startups in the U.S.

Nov 14, 2016 | In the news

This past week, on Veterans Day, Forbes released its list of The Top 25 Veteran-Founded Startups In America, naming Kaviva as number 9.

Founded by Sean McDevitt, a decorated U.S. Army Ranger, Kaviva develops digital tools for population health management and engagement. In addition, Kaviva’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Ashley Reynolds is a navy veteran.

Advancing the visionary work of Dr. Robert Schwarzberg, Kaviva’s founding principles were born out of a desire to make the world a healthier place through the use of technology. Both Mr. McDevitt’s and Dr. Reynolds’ military experience has translated to successful business and clinical operations. Building on a foundation of a strong team of experts, Kaviva continues its innovative work and leverages their past experience building and leading teams with integrity and fidelity to its mission.

“The principles of teamwork and being a mission driven organization ensure that our work remains focused and progress is made towards our ultimate goals. Our military experience has been instrumental in making us a successful health technology innovator,” says Mr. McDevitt.

According to NaVOBA (National Veteran-Owned Business Association) and VOB (, there are 3 million veteran owned businesses in the U.S. today, employing about 6 million people. These businesses spend $80 million and generate over $1.2 Trillion in sales.

About Kaviva

Kaviva is a healthcare technology company providing patented, HIPAA-secure platform solutions for organizations seeking to improve member health, engagement & empowerment. With tools allowing customers to effectively communicate and reach nearly 100% of their population, to reduce strain on resources, control healthcare expenses and boost employee performance. Kaviva has been bringing extensive experience in population health, mobility and information systems to improve programs in health, wellness, chronic illness and benefits since 2005.

Kaviva is headquartered in League City, TX. Contact us for further information about Kaviva.


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