Kaviva Announces Integration with HealthKit™, Google Fit™ and Fitbit™

Apr 13, 2016 | Press Release

Kaviva announces the latest release of their cutting-edge, cloud-based mobile health and digital engagement platform to include full integration with Fitbit, Apple Health Kit and Google Fit platforms.

Kaviva announces their latest innovation. This most recent update integrates device and mobile app data from Apple HealthKit™ and Google Fit™ platforms. Together, Apple and Android platforms account for nearly all of the smartphone market in the U.S. The additional integration with Fitbit™, one of the most popular consumer fitness trackers, expands capabilities and reach even further.

Kaviva users are now able to track their health metrics using over 50 devices and apps such as Jawbone UP™, Fitbit™ or the Apple Watch™ and have their data automatically sync with their Kaviva app driving digital coaching activities and education. The Kaviva platform is able to support and deliver highly efficient interaction that is personalized and easily defined to individual devices and user groups.

“Health tracking is one of the most popular activities being conducted on digital devices today. By making it simple and convenient to track important information, Kaviva provides its users with a rich experience, while generating meaningful data that can be used to help them stay healthy and identify areas of opportunity or further communication” says Sean McDevitt, Kaviva’s Chairman.

Kaviva’s suite of mobile solutions combined with our roles-based administration platform and multi-channel communications capabilities have been enhanced with this new update. Kaviva’s clients as well as their users will benefit from this added functionality through increased engagement and participation.

Kaviva has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions ranging from Health Management to Human Resources, multi-channel communications capabilities, digital benefits documentation and education, secure in-app messaging, click-to-call and other features which support value-based, consumer-driven health.

For more information on Kaviva’s healthcare solutions, visit our Solutions Page.

About Kaviva

Kaviva is a healthcare technology company providing patented, HIPAA-secure platform solutions for organizations seeking to improve member health, engagement & empowerment. With tools allowing customers to effectively communicate and reach nearly 100% of their population, to reduce strain on resources, control healthcare expenses and boost employee performance. Kaviva has been bringing extensive experience in population health, mobility and information systems to improve programs in health, wellness, chronic illness and benefits since 2005.

Kaviva is headquartered in League City, TX. Contact us for further information about Kaviva.


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