Highly Scalable. Configurable. Easy to deploy.

Kaviva is a precision-infused Health Engagement Technology Platform unlike any other. We’re an enterprise solution with the individual in mind, managing your strategic priorities and theirs.


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We’ve transformed the digital behavior change model by building a secure, integrated PaaS engagement platform with the most comprehensive 360° suite of highly targeted, personalized health interventions at every point along the continuum of care. Our HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform uses predictive analytics, best-in-class behavioral science and data-driven outreach methodologies, driving improvements to both revenue and costs.

The result: a highly scalable, customizable, omnichannel outreach and engagement ecosystem that offers interoperability, easy and seamless integration to help you close care gaps, reduce churn and achieve positive health outcomes so you can stand out in the marketplace.


Cloud-based PaaS Platform

Content Management

Easily configure and disseminate client-specific member content

Business Rules Engine

Customize workflows, configure client specific cutoffs for screenings, communications and notifications

Alerts Engine

Set global and member level alerts for self-monitoring, engagement and utilization

HIPAA Compliant Data Storage

Cloud-based data security, encryption, BAA’s and internal policies provide peace of mind

Customer Communications Management Engine

Rapidly segment and deploy targeted communications via IVR, Email, Chatbot, Text, Print, App

Data/Analytics Engine

Assess engagement, participation, utilization, communication effectiveness and behavior to make intelligent business decisions

Interoperability & Integration Engine

API-driven platform enables real-time data exchange, including: ICD-10 claims, lab data, HL7, 834 file formats, connected devices and messaging

iOS and Android Support

Configured, branded mobile applications provide a rich consumer experience

Easy to Deploy

Kaviva provides a configurable, highly personalized, multi-channel ecosystem allowing clients to reach their members, through their preferred channel and their preferred time with email, text, in app messaging or banners, IVR, print or chatbot.

We provide a seamless integration and system interoperability, available to you in as little as three months after our initial conversation.

Kaviva’s health engagement platform allows clients to determine and leverage optimal timing and channel to reach their audience.

We work with you to reach your population and then handle progress reporting once people are enrolled.

As a health technology company, BioIQ is pleased to be partnered with Kaviva. They have helped us reach more members and provided us with cutting-edge tools to promote member engagement while at the same time reducing costs and increasing screening compliance.

Justin Bellante

We are pleased to have partnered with Kaviva for the past four years as a tool for our heart failure readmission program. The team at Kaviva really cares about the work we do and is also a great resource, providing guidance that enhances the patient experience, all while incorporating our needs into their technology.

Richard Katz, MD
Medical Faculty Associates, George Washington University


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